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Welcome to the Commodore 8-bit file area at!
This site is located in Finland, Europe. It is mirrored at, located at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.
Other major Commodore sites include:
- (Austria, Europe)
- (United States of America)
See the FTP site list in the faq/ directory for more sites.
../ [Parent directory]
archiving@ Utilities for processing different Commodore file formats
c128/ Programs for Commodore 128
c64/ Commodore 64 software
c65/ Software for Commodore 65, a machine whose production was canned. A few prototypes were made, though, and they were sold in late 1993.
c=hacking/ Issues of the C=Hacking net magazine, and example code for the articles
crossplatform/ Cross platform tools, i.e. programs for other computers than 8-bit Commodores that have something to do with 8-bit Commodores
csbruce/ Programs developed by Craig Bruce
demodisks/ Test/demo disks shipped with different Commodore products.
documents/ Technical documents and hardware hacks
faq/ Frequently Asked Questions with answers
firmware/ ROM images
geos/ Geos related stuff for c64 and c128.
incoming/ Directory for uploading CBM 8-bit files. FTP only!
manuals/ User's manuals of Commodore equipment.
maps/ Memory maps.
pet/ File area for the Commodore PET series
pictures@ Pictures of pre-Amiga Commodore equipment.
plus4/ The Commodore 264 series (plus/4, C16 and C116).
programming@ Programming information.
src/ Released source code of various Commodore firmware and software.
transfer@ Utilities for transferring files from Commodores to the outer world.
vic20/ Directory for Commodore VIC 20 stuff

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